Athens, Here I Stand!

Athens, Here I Stand!

Last Spring, I remember being near the Parthenon in Athens, Greece vividly. Dr. Edwards, our fearless director, grouped us all together where we could survey the city from the Acropolis. The clear morning air allowed us to see for miles over the ancient streets. To begin his riveting speech, his deep voice boomed, "Athens! That is where you stand!"

And Athens is where I will stand, this upcoming summer, actually.

I have been accepted to intern with Hellenistic Ministries in Athens, Greece starting this upcoming May. I will be learning and working under the Mercy Ministry Team, who work specifically with refugees and the homeless. Opportunities to serve, teach, evenagilize, and learn all lay before me. Just a couple weeks after I graduate, I will leave for a three-month journey, alongside two other young ladies who are interning too.

Greece is in a major refugee crisis. According to Huffington Post, 2,000 refugees enter Greece everyday. Athens, being the biggest city, is the hub for diasporic peoples. Hellenic Ministries website says, "Mercy Ministries exists for the sole purpose of glorifying and proclaiming Jesus Christ to the displaced, homeless, and impoverished -both to the Greeks and those who have found themselves in Athens along their journey." Some of these are families coming from the Middle East, most of whom, have not heard the Truth of Jesus Christ. These are broken hearted fathers and mothers, who were kicked out of their homes and tradition; they have lost everything. It's time their hope is restored, peace is secured, and abundant life is given.

Refugee centers serve meals, offer laundry services, and places to sleep. This is where I will spend a lot of my time. There will also be opportunity for me to teach English to Persian women; I am so excited to empower women with language! Teaching and serving women and their children will be the daily rhythm of my summer.

There are a couple trips added to that. At the end of June, I will be helping serve and counsel at a family camp. In the beginning of July, I will able to participate in Operation Joshua, this what Hellenic calls "a national church planting catalyst movement, bringing a New Testament to every home in Greece." Last summer, they gave their 1 millionth family a New Testament in their language! I am honored to be traveling to Northwest Greece to be part of this great mission.

My friend and reader, I hope you can be excited with me as this endeavor is coming closer with each passing day. I am eager to learn all that I can, being in a humble state of an intern, and be able to take hands-on experience and knowledge into the long-term missions commitments of the (also nearing) future. I pray that I take every opportunity, no matter how insignificant it may be, to speak the name of my Lord Jesus Christ to hearts that ache of the love, peace, and freedom.

I ask that you pray for me too! Pray the Spirit will go before me, giving me silence in humility or boldness in word, and wisdom to discern them apart. Pray for the those who will be teaching and encouraging me, patience on their part. Pray for my fellow interns, that we will work and live well together, glorifying God with our speech and actions. Pray for those who I will come in contact with, that they will see Christ in me. Pray for generous hearts to be pricked and softened by the Holy Spirit, willing to give to this mission and to the calling the Lord has given to me. 

Thank you for interceding on my behalf, grace and peace to you. 

If you would like to know more about the specifics of the trip or how you can contribute financially, please do not hesitate to send me your information under the contact page!